New game added: Maze (Update v1.1.9)

Hey, everybody!

Update v1.1.9 has been released!

The main addition in this update is a brand new puzzle game – Maze. Read more about Maze below. Another, smaller change is that the show frequency of the “Use hint if stuck” message has been reduced to once-every-24h. We got a lot of feedback that the message annoyed the players, so now that’s fixed. As always, there are some smaller improvements and fixes here and there.


Screenshot of Maze Level 3 (Easy)

Maze is the latest game added to Puzzle Hub. It’s the classic maze game where you are given a start (black square) and end (red square). The puzzle is solved when you find the path and connect the start and the end.

There are 4 difficulties available:

  1. Easy (15×15 mazes) – 100 levels
  2. Medium (20×20 mazes) – 200 levels
  3. Hard (30×30 mazes) – 200 levels
  4. Expert (40×40 mazes) – 200 levels

That’s 700 levels, along with endless amount of daily puzzles, waiting to be solved by you.

There are 2 input modes:

  1. Drag input mode – tap, hold and drag to continuously draw the line between the maze’s walls.
  2. Swipe input mode – swipe left/right/up/down to move the line’s head to the next intersection. This is the default and recommended mode to play.

Happy solving!